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July 20, 2002



����������� Russ Bell

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����������� Asher Group

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Asher Group Introduces Hyper-Reach� Emergency Notification System


Rochester, NY � Asher Group,, a leading telecommunication technology company, has announced the introduction of its newest product � Hyper-Reach.Built on its hardened Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that harnesses the combined power of the internet and traditional telephony, Hyper-Reach provides fast, economical emergency notification of virtually limitless numbers of people.

����������� Hyper-Reach provides emergency agencies -- police, fire, 9-1-1 PSAP�s, and other municipal offices � a fast, easy-to-use way to communicate emergency messages to thousands with a single phone call.It allows the user to target residents by municipal boundaries, police beats or other geographic areas.Hyper-Reach is a complete, ready-to-go system that requires no investment in hardware or software and can be customized for the particular needs of the customer.

According to Samuel Asher, President of Asher Group, �Given today�s heightened awareness of security and disaster preparedness, an effective emergency notification system is absolutely essential for any public service organization.Hyper-Reach is the most powerful and the most economical solution yet developed.�

����������� As a way to effectively show organizations the power and ease of use of Hyper-Reach, Asher Group is offering free demo accounts for prospective users.To set up a demo account for your organization or to find out more about Hyper-Reach, call Russ Bell, VP Sales, at 877-91-ASHER or visit them on the web at


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