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May 19, 2005




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Asher Group develops Real Estate Property IVR system



Rochester, NY �Asher Group,, a leading IVR and telecommunications services company serving clients throughout North America, Europe, and Asia, has developed a strategic real-estate business unit.

Capitalizing on its success in developing lead-generation and business information services for the robust US real estate market, Asher Group has developed a turnkey system to provide small to medium sized real estate offices with the tools only large offices could previously afford.

�What makes this system incredible is its price point,� says Samuel Asher, president of Asher Group. �Competing systems for virtual tours and lead generation cost $50 to $100 per broker and more per listing over and above the toll-free telephone charges. Automation has allowed us to drop those costs under the $10 price point with competitive per minute pricing.�

Asher�s system works either stand-alone or hand-in-hand with existing web systems from Media Capture ( or Value Priced Property ( to provide callers with virtual tours, direct access to financing options, and legal help to obtain their home.

Callers use a toll-free number to access real estate property listings.Entering the property ID number from a lawn sign or newspaper ad, the caller can then hear a description of the property. Instantaneously as the caller is listening, the broker gets a text message sent directly to their cell phone indicating the caller�s telephone number and usually containing their name and address.Many options allow the caller to connect directly with the broker at preset hours , leave a recorded message or speak to a financing expert.

For more information, contact Russ Bell, VP of Sales, at or (585) 704-1518.