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Asher IVRExamples of IVR Functionality

Asher IVR enables the implementation of IVR Surveys and/or Polling applications. You have complete flexibility in determining the time frame of the survey and the number and type of questions. These questions can be phrased to have the caller either answer rating questions, agree or disagree with the poll or select a multiple-choice answer. Real-time results are available through a secured Internet site. Results can be monitored while the polling window is open and final results will be available once the window is closed.

Locator Service

Location Services off your customers an easy way to locate a nearby service location with a brief call. It works like this:

You advertise a toll free number. Your customer calls the number and is given the closest service location based on their telephone number and/or zip code. Optionally, they can be automatically connected to the establishment they have selected in order to set an appointment or obtain information.

Automated Order Entry/Lead Generation

Callers can dial a toll free number and are greeted with a professionally scripted message. Callers are then guided through a caller-friendly call flow, which facilitates the capture and verification of information. Asher IVR can integrate both internal and external databases to minimize errors and promote caller satisfaction. If necessary the caller can be redirected to your call center. Daily activity reports are sent to you for fulfillment or follow up. Our Automated Order Entry/Lead Generation Service presents you and your company in a professional manner and promotes effective Customer Relationship Management.

Customer Loyalty & Retention Campaigns

Asher IVR helps clients develop loyalty campaigns, increasing brand, and product awareness while promoting loyalty. These campaigns can be designed to allow customers to accumulate points that are later redeemed for merchandise. Service organizations, Entertainment, Restaurant Chains, Major Retailers, Travel & Hospitality Industries and Publishers have used these programs with great success.

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