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Asher IVRExecutive Summary
Asher IVR Hosting: Carrier-Grade Outsourced IVR Hosting, Offering Low Upfront Cost, Rapid Deployment, Automatic Upgrades and More

Asher IVR Hosting (Interactive Voice Response) hosts and manages automated telephone, mobile phone (including BREW, Java & WAP), and web applications that leverage the processing power of the computer combined with call-in access to all kinds of knowledge databases. IVR technology enables you to build sales and improve profitability while capturing significant customer knowledge.

Our IVR Hosting service combines all the cost benefits of outsourcing with a high level of support and our extensive IVR development experience, ensuring that your hosted IVR applications are both state of the art and available 24x7x365.

Contact us and judge for yourself. You're likely to save months of delays... and a whole lot of aggravation.

Or, if you want to see how we've helped others... See how easily we can build and support a system for your small or large business.

How Hosted IVR Can Automate Your Business Communication Systems
Asher IVR Hosting systems can be used to automate a wide range of services and data requests. By combining the voice or touch-tone input of the caller with menu driven scripts, clients, potential clients, and employees can call into your organization or to a remote IVR call center and interact with the system in real time in a host of applications. Some examples of our IVR applications include:

  • Automated account payment systems
  • Credit Card activation and verification
  • Music sampling and purchasing systems
  • Market surveys
  • Real estate house hunting services
  • Order entry
  • Personnel screening and recruiting
  • Automotive sales lead generation and C-Sat calls
  • Medical benefit tracking

And this is only the beginning. In addition to touch tone input, Asher's advanced IVR hosted systems can easily utilize speaker independent voice recognition (ASR) to allow the caller to simply "speak" their requests which generate the desired responses or system look-ups.

With 10 years of experience developing integrated IVR/web and cellular/mobile application services, Asher IVR offers both custom system development hosted at your site as well as our own hosting services in state-of-the-art facilities that provide a completely secure out-sourcing option. Our systems are highly scalable with the capability of handling millions of calls daily.

Contact us today. You won't find a more capable business partner because we understand that your success is essential to our success.

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