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Health Insurance

When the country's larget independent Blue Cross Blue Shield was ready to launch a new IVR service which would have to handle hundreds of simultaneous calls, mostly for self-service, to ease their call center, they turned to Ashergroup to load test the system prior to its release. We were able to find several communication paths for downstream servers that could not handle the traffic load. The communication channels and the downstream servers' capacity were expanded and retested. When the system was subsequently released to production, it was successful - which is to say, it just worked!

When the same company needed to transition their primary database from Oracle to DB2, they asked Ashergroup, and they got results. We found that a major portion of the system requirements (batch reporting facilities) were not considered when the replacement system was originally purchased. Not content to merely throw more hardware at the problem, our engineers were able to improve the efficiency of the underlying database structures and reports, avoiding a costly system upgrade. The transition took place on time and within budget despite the difficulties encountered.


When Nortel Networks built their voice portal, Ashergroup led the design and implementation effort to make the portal customizable for each and every user, while still providing enough controls for advertisers and content providers to make viable as a for-sale product.

Frontier Communications

Frontier Communications needed an application to help them manage and then streamline the complex interactions between Incumbent (pre-deregulation) and Competitive (post-deregulation) Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC and CLEC) in the deregulated telephone market. This would prove to be no simple task. Each request for new service or a change of existing service would trigger a flow through at least half a dozen responsible people for approval and authorization. Notifications would need to be sent and red flags would need to be raised if an action was not taken in a timely basis.

The application was one of the most quickly developed and thoroughly tested applications in the company's history.

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Global Crossing

When Global Crossing embarked on its Clarify (now Amdocs) customer care and trouble ticketing system, Ashergroup helped from design to implementation, taking direct responsibility for the mission critical mechanisms for integrating the new system with their legacy billing system (running on IBM CICS) and with their recently developed switch monitoring/management system (running over SNMP). The integrations were done cleanly and have not required bug fixes for 3 years and running!


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