The Asher Group: Cutting edge communication solutions that work

Combining IVR, SMS, CTI, web, mobile and a wide variety of other technologies, the Asher Group provides highly available, massively scalable solutions that sit at the intersection of communication and computer technology.

With almost 25 years of experience and deep knowledge of telephony, software engineering and cutting edge technologies, the Asher Group has developed hundreds of custom solutions for clients as varied as Blue Cross, Frontier Communications, the Small Business Administration and Hamilton County, OH.

Although still available for major custom projects, the Asher Group has shifted its strategy to two lines of business, each requiring complex combinations of communications methods, database technologies and large-scale computer processing.

Large scale communications with 2 focus areas

human resources solutions

Asher Group’s Human Resources solutions are centered around its partnership with UKG, the leading provider of Workforce Management and Human Capital Management solutions.

Asher offers a number of valuable adjunct services to the UKG suite of solutions, including:
– Telephone-based punch
– Automated, high speed shift filling
– Automated call-off management
– On-demand bulk staff communications
– Intra-company emergency notifications

emergency notification

Asher Group’s Hyper-Reach emergency notification system is a best-in-class cloud based emergency alert delivery system designed for public safety. This comprehensive toolset includes:
– Mass communication via phone, text, email and more.
– The largest set of delivery options of any provider.
– Map-based interface for easy alert area selection.
– The most ways to get citizens enrolled.
– Massive scalability and redundancy.
– 99.9999+% uptime.

custom projects

The Asher Group is also available for selected major projects for enterprises and major government agencies.

If you have a project requiring the integration of communications and computer technology with a budget of $50,000 or more, feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

common features


Because Asher records personal financial, health and other data, security is paramount. So we're compliant with PCI DSS, HIPAA, Graham Leach Bliley and other standards.

Multilingual & Global

Asher serves clients on three continents and can support over 100 languages. With Machine Learning, we can provide instant automated translation that really works.

Personal Customer Service

Large enough to serve you, small enough to care. We never forget that the client is priority #1. So service here is a team sport where even the CEO is directly involved.

Mobile Oriented

We know that mobile is the preferred user interface both for consumers and for business users. So we make everything we can work on mobile devices.

Communication Tools

We want to be the fulcrum where communication and computing meet. So we integrate every communication tool we can think of: voice, text, email, push and more!

User Friendly

The most powerful systems in the world aren't worth much unless people can use them. So we focus on simplicity, usability, and clarity.