Absence Aware™ – Automated time off reporting from the Asher Group

Absence Aware™ 

Automated time off reporting from the Asher Group. 

Absence Aware™ Automated time off reporting from the Asher Group.

Who is it for?

Unexpected absenteeism is an unavoidable fact of life. And one made worse by a global pandemic. But with Absence Aware from the Asher Group, you can at least manage this problem cost-effectively and more easily than you ever thought possible. Absence Aware gives your employees an automated platform to call in and report their expected absence or lateness.

Then, based on rules that you set, your UKG database is updated automatically with points, time-off requests, etc. We can even send alerts to supervisors so they know what shifts need to be filled. 

You can customize the automated questions to allow employees to explain their absences. And leverage the power of UKG Dimensions and UKG Ready and other UKG technology to enforce and administer your policies. 

And Absence Aware is incredibly cost-effective. Payback periods of 6 months or less and ROI of 25%-50% are common compared to manual processes. 

It’s also faster and more accurate than whatever manual process you may be using. 

And Absence Aware can be implemented in a few short weeks.

So why continue to take up valuable administrative and supervisor time processing absence calls manually, when you can switch to Absence Aware and save money, time and effort?

For a quick demonstration of Absence Aware and an analysis showing just how much money you can save, just call or drop us a note.  You can find us at UKG@ashergroup.com, visiting www.ashergroup.com/ukg or by calling 704-996-5527.