Absence aware FAQ


Absence Aware FAQ’s

Absence Aware focuses on one thing: automating last minute absence and lateness reporting.  While other software may do a great job of letting your people ask for vacation time, doctor’s appointments, etc., Absence Aware automates the process outside of normal business hours, when an employee doesn’t get a chance to ask for the time off in advance. 

Absence Aware can provide the inputs to let you know when an employee does (or doesn’t) follow your rules for telling you when they’ll be out or late. If you’ve got a point system or other method for rewarding employees for reporting absent/late situations, Absence Aware lets your employees follow that policy and tracks their good behavior so you can administer that policy consistently and fairly.

No! Absence Aware generates its own reporting and web-based reports so you can use it without any other software.

Absence Aware can send real-time email and text messages to your supervisors so they know who’s out as soon as possible. You can alert as many people as you need to. And we’ll also send daily, weekly and monthly summaries so you can see trends in absence calling and identify areas that need correction. And with our integrations, you can also generate reports directly from your UKG or other human resource software.   

Absence Aware is available 24/hours a day. That means an employee who realizes they won’t be in the next day can call anytime – even when you might have no one available to take their call. And we can send absent reports anytime of the day or night so supervisors know ASAP or at the beginning of their shifts. 

In just a few minutes from when they’ve called in, we can send text, email and voice messages to your supervisors or others to let them know your employee is out. Because of the manual way most employers handle absence calls, that’s much faster than you’d normally find out.

That’s great – let us fill in the gaps. We’ve found that many employers can use an app or website for some of their employees, but other employees may not have a smartphone or don’t have access to the internet. Absence Aware is something any employee can easily use.

Yes!  When an employee calls in sick and you want to verify where they are, we can add a call back to their home location or check with the phone company to see where they’re calling from.  That way, you can determine if they’re really sick or out on the golf course.

We understand that you may want your supervisors to talk to the employee and see if there’s any way they can come in. With our callback process, your supervisor can call the employee back with a single button press. That way, when your supervisor is available to talk to the employee, they can easily call and find out what’s going on.