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Coronavirus Response Solution. Keep your employees, customers & suppliers informed.

Communication for COVID-19

Asher Group’s Hyper-Reach AlertCycle™ can help your organization respond to the challenges of the current coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and future crises to come:

– Instantly reach team members, the public and others by voice call, SMS/text, email, smartphone apps, push notifications, RSS feeds, social media, internet advertising, IPAWS, and more. Coming soon: smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa.

– Register and/or update your alert lists with self-service web-based forms, SMS, QR codes, IVR for voice registration, “one-click” registration and smartphone apps. Make it easy for the people you want to communicate with.

– Recorded hotline to give people continuous updates 24/7/365.

– Enhance your communication with images, natural text-to-speech, automated translation, message templates (for uniform, quality messages), automated scheduling and more.

– Practically 100% uptime, with massive scalability, thanks to cloud services like AWS.

– The easiest to use, intuitive and trainable system.

– Send alerts from anywhere using web, smartphone app or telephone user interface.

– Fast account setup.  You’ll be ready to use in days, not weeks.

– Surprisingly affordable. In trying economic times, a tool that won’t break your budget.

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