Emergency Notification

emergency notification

Under the brand name Hyper-Reach™, Asher Group provides emergency alert delivery to hundreds of public safety agencies, millions of citizens and a growing number of businesses across the US. Our best-in-class services exceed the specs of even much larger competitors, with features such as these:

– The most ways to reach people: voice calls, SMS/text, email, IPAWS, smartphone apps, push notifications, RSS feeds, social media, internet advertising, and more. And now available: smart speakers, such as Amazon Alexa.

– The most ways to get the public registered to receive alerts, including web-based forms, SMS, QR codes, IVR for voice registration, “one-click” registration and smartphone apps.

– Practically 100% uptime, with massive scalability, thanks to leveraging cloud-based services, such as AWS.

– Automated translation and other language support of over 100 languages, leveraging Google Translate.

– The easiest to use, intuitive and trainable system, using Google Maps for quick familiarity.

– Send alerts from anywhere using web, telephone or smartphone app user interface.

Recorded hotline to give people continuous updates 24/7/365.