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Hyper-Reach critical event notification service for business

Employers need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with their workforce, as well as other constituencies, such as contractors, suppliers and customers. Plant closures, travel restrictions, quarantine orders - both mandatory and otherwise, and other factors all threaten to disrupt normal business operations and require fast response and coordination of employees, supply chains and more.
Let Asher Group’s Hyper-Reach™ do the work for you. 

Hyper-Reach by Asher Group leverages UKG Dimensions, UKG Ready and UKG Pro to reach all or selected portions of your workforce in minutes, by phone, text, email, and more. 

Starting with the employee data in your UKG database, Hyper-Reach creates a quick contact database, which can then be updated with simple text and web-based tools. Employers can then use interactive text, phone, and email to inform employees of location status, closures and reopenings. And employers can poll their workforce for availability, status (health or otherwise), availability, and more.

With the addition of an easily updated information hotline and instant web pages, you’ve got a complete communication suite for fast response in critical event situations. Which you can also use for customers, suppliers, and others.

Eliminate manual processes, save money, communicate faster, fill open shifts and get the job done. And you’ve got a record of every interaction. With Asher’s broad experience in working with UKG Ready, UKG Dimensions and UKG Pro, Hyper-Reach is the tool you need for effective, instant communications.

hyper-reach gives you everything you need to keep your key constituencies up-to-date when critical events happen

alert groups in seconds

With Hyper-Reach your messages are created and delivered in seconds. With near-infinite scalability, we can send messages to hundreds or hundreds of thousands in seconds.

easy registration and data updating

Our signup tools make it easy for employees, suppliers and customers to register for your alerts. They can use text, push notification, web forms and more to sign up for any list.

send messages from Anywhere

With our easy-to-use mobile app and web-based user interface, you can send messages from anywhere with an internet connection. No internet? Send messages from any standard phone line.

ready to deliver in days

We start with the contact information you already have: your employee list, supplier or customer lists. That's a great base to start from (although we don't stop there).

2-way communication

Find out if your people are safe and healthy, available to work, needing help or more.

simple, fast, integrated message creation tools

Hyper-Reach provides a simple mobile app as well as a universal browser-based interface.

multi-channel communication

Communicate across many channels at once: text, phone, email, social media. Communication is fragmented today, but Hyper-Reach lets you break through the fragmentation by sending your alerts out in the ways your audience communicates - text, voice, email, social media and more. And we're constantly developing new ways to reach people.

powerful message control

Hyper-Reach gives you powerful tools to control your communications. Add images for multi-media presentation. Schedule messages for specific days and times, or create a timetable of repeating messages. Create templates to standardize your messages and make message creation faster and easier. Whatever you've got to say, Hyper-Reach makes it easy to do more with your message.

Multiple contact sources and updating

We will upload your existing employee, supplier and customer lists to get you started with a working contact database. We'll then provide tools to let your employees and others enhance their data so you've got more ways to reach them.