Hundreds of projects over several decades have given us exposure to virtually every technology that exists for enabling communication of humans and machines.

But because of the constant development of the field, the learning never stops. Asher Group is constantly developing new techniques and approaches and adopting the innovations of others. For example, we’ve incorporated web and mobile push notification into our toolkit, along with smart speakers, speech analytics technology and artificial intelligence.

And our 100% cloud-based operations approach makes it easy for us to deploy the latest technologies within minutes, in a highly secure and fully redundant environment.

We actively incorporate these technologies into everything we do – from emergency notification to human resource systems.

And we can deploy them for you.

Technology overview



Communication methods

-IVR/VRU Voice telephony
-Mobile apps
-Smart speakers
-Push notification
-Web pages
-Internal signage
-Web alerts
-Desktop alerts

Advanced elements

-Fully cloud-based
-Integrated authoring tools
-Two-way communication
-Multi-language support
-Automated translation
-Live operator transfer
-Transcription service
-SIP/IP communications
-Automated Name/Address Capture
-Text to Speech
-Speech to Text
-Speaker recognition/verification
-Realtime reporting
-RESTful Web services API
-Comprehensive security program