Telephone Time Punch

Telephone Time Punch

Let your team punch in from anywhere

Telephone Time Punch. Let Your Team Punch In From Anywhere.

Who is it for?

Integrated with UKG technologies (UKG Dimensions, UKG Ready and UKG Pro), Telephone Time Punch turns any telephone into a sophisticated time clock. Punch in from anywhere, in seconds, with Telephone Time Punch.

Easy to Use

Employees follow a simple script to punch in and out. Just dial the designated number, enter the employee ID and they're done.


Punch in or out in just a few seconds. The script is structured for efficiency, so your people are off the phone in no time.

Easy to Administer

No equipment to purchase or maintain. No phone lines to pay for. Everything is included in one simple payment model.

No Busy Signals, +99.99% Uptime

Our cloud-based approach means virtually unlimited capacity and extreme reliability. Which means no busy signals and 24/7/365 availability. Offline mode means that employees can use the system even when UKG databases are unavailable for any reason.

Available to All

Punch in from any designated telephone. In-language prompts let non-English speaking employees use in Spanish, French or any language you require.

Cost Effective

Just pennies per employee per month.

Data Driven

Script prompts are driven by UKG and your data requirements. Get just what's required.

Use With Any Designated Phone

Employees use touch tones to punch in and out. You can let them use any phone or only the phones you designate.

Verify Employee Location

Caller ID and geo-fencing means we can tell if employees are where they’re supposed to be.

Supports Any Language

English and Spanish are standard. But if it's spoken, we can add it.

Instantly updates UKG databases

Managers can check and see who's punched in using their UKG data interfaces, including UKG Dimensions, UKG Ready and UKG Pro.